“I absolutely love
getting lost in
good books.”
— TeenSpeak critiquer Megan H., age 14
“Any good reader
can learn to be
a good editor.”
— Marion Dane
Bauer, What’s
Your Story?
Voice is how the
author tells the
story, the thing
that grabs you
first.” —
critiquer Maddy,
age 13
“I love the idea of sharing my novel-in-progress with young readers and inviting
their feedback. Staying open to feedback helps me sharpen my work.”
— Mary Casanova, multi-award-winning author of youth novels

Our Unique Critiques

Ready for fresh perspectives on your fiction manuscript? TeenSpeak Critiques Service trains qualified 11 to 19 year-olds, then matches them with adult writers—aspiring and established—who aim to publish a literary youth novel.

Designed to supplement professional, peer, and/or other critiques, TeenSpeak provides cutting-edge insights. While we can’t craft the perfect story for you, Teenspeak can help propel your manuscript into an engaging, publishable novel.

If you aim to publish, you’ll need to hook an editor or agent. TeenSpeak can improve your odds!

TeenSpeak Critiques was developed by writing instructor Nancy Sondel, Children’s Book Insider contributing editor and founding director of the Pacific Coast Children’s Writers Workshop. TeenSpeak’s supporters include renowned author and master teacher Marion Dane Bauer, plus other esteemed contributors to children’s literature.

Jumpstart your manuscript’s
journey to bookshelves and buyers.
Give it the TeenSpeak advantage!

“Teens wear similar clothes and may act similar ways, but their vocabulary
and thoughts
are always unique, which many writers don’t consider,
just reverting to stereotypes.”
— Melissa, age 19

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TeenSpeak Novel Workshop, a California beachfront retreat!
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